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July 19, 1960 ~ February 5, 2006

Tommy is still missed by everyone who knew him. We think of him every day. His smile and sense of humor a treasure, his love unconditional.

A hui hou kakou (until we meet again)

Tributes and Condolences
You are Always in our Thoughts and Smiles   / Jax (wife and best friend )
Happy Heavenly Birthday Tommy! We think about you everyday. You would be very proud of your boys and how they are wonderful young men now. It makes me sad to think that you lived for these moments and are not here to see them. I will be there for you...  Continue >>
Love you dad.   / Casey Rose (Son)
Hey dad i just thought i would stop in and say that i love you lots and miss you alot i wish i could still just call you up and talk to you about anything and how  you would always help me with the shit i was goin through or just to talk about a...  Continue >>
Happy Heavenly Birthday My Guardian Angel Tommy   / Jax (wife)
Happy Heavenly Birthday my ~Guardian Angel~ It is hard to believe that you have been in heaven for four years now! We think of you everyday mostly laugh with you!! Your boys are beautiful they are becoming such wonderful young men and carry your sp...  Continue >>
i miss you so much Tommy Rose!   / Coleen Dedini (the dad i never had )
I think about you all the time. and Nic. i miss you both so much. you know if you were still here Nic and I would be together. you were the best thing i had has a dad.. you always brought me out of the hardest times. i love you so much and i wish yo...  Continue >>
What are you guys up to?   / AC (AC)
Hey! You and Justin are up to something! I can feel it.. Oh it's a good feeling.. I feel you both so much today. Even tho my woes and troubles surround me, I can't help but feel good. I can't explain it. Except for you!! You guys are so enlightened; ...  Continue >>
Thinking of you  / Jennifer Chiala (sister-in-law)    Read >>
Happy Heavenly Birthday :)  / Coletti Family     Read >>
Happy Birthday  / Jax (wife and friend )    Read >>
Always in Our Hearts  / Donna/akaNany (Mother-in-Law)    Read >>
From my heart to tommy and Justin  / Jackie (wife and friend )    Read >>
"Do a Little Dance"  / Jackie (sole mate )    Read >>
Our New Place  / Aunt Cathi (Aunt - In_Law )    Read >>
Riding Heavens Highway  / Kyle Uhl (Friend/Brother)    Read >>
To My Angel~  / Jackie Rose (wife and friend )    Read >>
Mana Makai Mau Loa  / Cathi Clark (Aunt -in-Law )    Read >>
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His legacy
"I'm There Inside Your Heart"  
I Did Not Die

In life we're never quite ready
to say that last "Goodbye",
so listen now as I state the truth:
I've changed, but I did not die!

I don't need that tired, worn body
for I've changed like the butterfly.
And now I'm in my Heavenly home
~ that wondrous place in the sky!

Jesus was faithful in His promise
and He promised I would live again.
My Joy has now been made complete
and my Peace, you can’t understand.

So, don't stand at my grave and weep.
Instead, wipe that tear from your eye
and know how much I still love you.
Know in your heart I did not die!
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